18 Jan. Information for Parents on in-lieu of Mother Tongue language 2021 (external candidate)

Dear Parents

MOE has disseminated information to schools on students offering an approved foreign language (French, German and Japanese) in lieu of a Mother Tongue Language and we would like to update parents on the following matters.


Students who have obtained approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) to study a foreign language, namely French, German or Japanese, in lieu of a Mother Tongue Language (MTL) are expected to arrange for the study of the approved foreign language privately as instruction is not provided by MOE. Parents are required to provide one of the following documents to Ms Siti Rahimah (, as proof that the child has been learning the approved foreign language privately e.g. marked assignment, result slip, payment receipt etc. latest by 12 March 2021. We will record the information.

Students who have submitted an application to do in lieu (2nd language) in MOELC at Year 1, will be automatically placed in the waiting list which is managed by MOE. The placement of the in lieu students depends on the vacancy available. Since vacancies are increasingly limited, priority will be given to Singaporeans. When there is a vacancy, the students will be notified through their schools to sit for the readiness test and admission to MOELC is subject to the students passing the test. Students who have not been notified by their schools to sit for a readiness test or did not pass the test are required to continue with private study arrangements.


To support external candidates who are learning a foreign language in lieu of MTL, MOE Language Centre (MOELC) has put together a set of materials consisting of the Scheme of Work (SOW) and sample assessment papers. The materials will serve as a guide for students preparing for the GCE O-Level Examination. Please refer to the attachment for the resources.


The MOELC year-end written examination serves as feedback for students undertaking private study. SJI will register our in lieu students by 9 July 2021 to sit for the 2021 year-end written examination and the EYE marks will be counted in the overall results. MOELC will send schools the exact dates 1 month before the examination. This information will also be available on the MOELC website. The final marks of the examination will be sent to schools and the examination scripts will not be returned to the students as it is a summative assessment.

Examination Dates

L2 German/Japanese Sec 4 Prelim - 31 August, 1 and 2 September 2021

L2 French Sec 1 to 3 EOY and Sec 4 Prelim - 6 and 7 September 2021

L2 German/Japanese Sec 1 to 3 EOY - 13, 14 and 15 September 2021


Parents who have received an attachment letter via email (Annex B/C), are to acknowledge by replying to Ms Siti Rahimah ( by the 29 January 2021.

Thank you.

Ora et Labora

Siti Rahimah Binte Buang (Ms)

Subject Head, IP MTL/IB Languages

17 Jan (Sun) 2021 - Term 1 Week 3 (Epiphany Term)

Dear Parents and Year 2s,

Hoping that we started the first week with good habits, enthusiasm about learning, and excitement in meeting friends both old and new.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead.

Some Y2 Matters

  • Updates from Josephian Read!
    Dear Parents, please note the letters for

    1. Subscription of “Berita Harian Gen-G” in 2021

    2. Subscription of zbCOMMA in 2021

  • Note from Counsellors. 15 Jan. Complimentary (Free) Evidence-Based Parenting Programmes by TOUCH. <link>

  • Note from Senior Librarian. 15 Jan. What's happening in the Library next week. <link>

  • Update of particulars

    1. Please verify the Student Detail Report your son brought home

    2. And also update particulars into our system <here>

  • Boys who were not fully prepared for school (eg haircut) please come ready by Monday.
    Notes from Head Discipline's talk on Friday

  • Please scroll down for information on Singapore Budget Quiz & messages from Language Heads if you missed them earlier.

Year 1 Catholic Matters

  • SJI Morning Prayer at 0710h in Chapel

  • Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) <link>

Looking Ahead

Schedule for Term 1 Week 3 - 18 to 23 Jan

  • 18 Jan (Mon) - Normal School Day * (Y3 TABA)

  • 19 Jan (Tue) - Normal School Day *

  • 20 Jan (Wed) - Normal School Day *

  • 21 Jan (Thu) - Normal School Day *

  • 22 Jan (Fri) - Normal School Day *

* Dismissal as per time-table

Schedule for Term 1 Week 4 - 25 to 30 Jan

  • 25 Jan (Mon) - Normal School Day *

  • 26 Jan (Tue) - Normal School Day *

  • 27 Jan (Wed) - Normal School Day *

  • 28 Jan (Thu) - Normal School Day *

  • 29 Jan (Fri) - Normal School Day * (Y5 Reporting Day)

* Dismissal as per time-table

Schedule for Term 1 Week 5 - 1 Feb to 6 Feb

  • 1 Feb (Mon) - Normal School Day *

  • 2 Feb (Tue) - Normal School Day *

  • 3 Feb (Wed) - Normal School Day *

  • 4 Feb (Thu) - Normal School Day *

  • 5 Feb (Fri) - Normal School Day * (Inauguration Mass)

* Dismissal as per time-table

Ora et Labora,
Mr Genesius Chan
On behalf of Foundation Academy

Ministry of Finance Singapore Budget 2021 Quiz

The Singapore Budget 2021 Quiz was launched on 11 Jan (Mon) and ends on 29 Jan (Fri).

The Budget Quiz introduces you to the Budget process, recent government policies and other interesting facts about the Singapore Budget.

Scan the QR code in the eDM below to participate in the Quiz now!

The Singapore Schools Challenge

Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute and Institutes of Technical Education/Polytechnics/Autonomous Universities with the highest number of students participating in the Quiz (and registering their details) will be awarded challenge trophies. Students may check the live update of the top five schools in each category with the most participants upon completion of the Quiz and registering. Students themselves will also stand a chance to receive individual prizes through a final draw upon the completion of the Budget 2021 Quiz

There is no limit to the number of attempts for the Quiz, but each student/ participant will only be eligible for one chance at the final draw.

Best Regards,
MOF Budget Quiz Team

11 Jan (Mon) 2021 - Quick Updates

Dear Parents and Year 2s,

Quick updates on the first day of school.

  • Message from Head (English)
    Literature text ' The Play of Animal Farm' by Peter Hall.
    Pacific Bookstores informed us that 150 copies have arrived and will be given to students who had prepaid with credit note no. from 88131 to 88200 and 272801 to 272893. Students should bring along their credit note and collect the book from the school bookstore from Tuesday (12/1) onwards.
    For students with credit note no. from 272894 to 272900, 259301 to 259400 and 262101 to 262146 , they will have to wait for the next batch of arrivals. The bookstore will inform us in due course.
    Another 80 copies of 'The Play of Animal Farm' have just arrived. So for those students holding the credit note from 272894 to 272900 (8 copies) and 259301 to 259379 (72 copies) can go to the school bookshop to collect their book from 13/1 onwards.
    We would like to inform all students and parents that Poetry is taught in Term 1. We have curated an anthology of poems to teach the students for Term 1 till Mid year exams. We will only start using The Play of Animal Farm after the Mid year examinations.

    If you have any queries, please email Mrs Mishaelle Chua <> directly.
    Thank you.

  • Message from Language Heads (EL & MTL)
    This year, we continue to promote reading through the Josephian Read! morning period on Monday and Wednesdays from 810am to 830am.
    So allow me to take this opportunity to refresh our memory on the rationale for Morning Reading Period:
    1. To promote reading for a sustained period of time
    2. To encourage students to read beyond their required texts
    3. To reduce screen time
    Thus, students are to read a book, not from the laptop or any electronic devices. However, if they are already reading from Kindle, they are allowed to continue. But we will not encourage the other students to use Kindle.
    For ease of reference, please refer to the table below.

Additionally, students should not be reading Literature texts such as Here & Beyond and Animal Farm Play.
We seek your help to ensure your son has the required reading material in his schoolbag on Monday and Wednesday.
k you.

  • Cyber attack
    Please protect your WhatsApp account by enabling 2 step verification under Settings / Account. As some teachers and students had received messages today asking for a WhatsApp Business Code. Do not send confidential codes with anyone.

Thank you. Wishing all a good year ahead.

Genesius Chan
On behalf of Foundation Academy

10 Jan (Sun) 2021 - Term 1 Week 2 (Beginning of Epiphany Term)

Dear Parents and Year 2s,

Welcome to Epiphany Term.

In this new year and term, we continue our journey in SJI as older brothers, we are not the youngest in school anymore. We will be looked up to by the Year 1s. We will have opportunities to practise leadership; to show the younger ones, by example, what it means to be a reflective, self-directed, community builder. Even as we continue discovering how to be principled community builders, driven by faith. Growing in autonomy, relating with others in a fraternal way, seeking the common good and developing resilience.

Some Y2 Matters

  • Come prepared for 11 Jan 2021:
    Have a proper haircut, check your uniform
    (& tie), badge, white shoes & socks, stationary etc
    Download TraceTogether app onto your handphone
    Make sure your
    thermometer is working
    Bring a small
    lock for your locker
    Top up cash in
    concession card for purchases in canteen (from Feb)
    Have a spare
    umbrella ready, to share with someone in need

  • Students please inform your Form Tutors (by 0715h) if you or any of your household members is on SHN, HQO, LOA or unwell, and do not come to school.

(If you are feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms, please stay at home. It is important for you to inform your FTs by 0715h via email. If you have a family member in the same household who has contracted COVID-19 / has been served HQO or SHN / is ill with 5-day MC, you are to stay at home and inform your FTs by 0715h via email. If unsure, please ask teachers for advice.)

  • Prepare a story book for free time reading, and books for lessons on Monday from 0910h. We are in Week 2 (even) next week.

  • Assemble in class by 0745h

Looking Ahead

Schedule for Term 1 Week 2 - 11 to 16 Jan

  • 11 Jan (Mon) - First Day of School (O Level Results Release) (Car Decal 1-1 exchange - Y2)

  • 12 Jan (Tue) - Normal School Day * (Car Decal 1-1 exchange - Y2)

  • 13 Jan (Wed) - Normal School Day * [Orientation Camp (ML, MN) / Tests & Trials (FN, LE)]

  • 14 Jan (Thu) - Normal School Day * [Orientation Camp (ML, MN) / Tests & Trials (FN, LE)]

  • 15 Jan (Fri) - Normal School Day * (Y1 Orientation Campfire)

* Dismissal as per time-table

Schedule for Term 1 Week 3 - 18 to 23 Jan

  • 18 Jan (Mon) - Normal School Day * (Y3 TABA)

  • 19 Jan (Tue) - Normal School Day *

  • 20 Jan (Wed) - Normal School Day *

  • 21 Jan (Thu) - Normal School Day *

  • 22 Jan (Fri) - Normal School Day *

* Dismissal as per time-table

Schedule for Term 1 Week 4 - 25 to 30 Jan

  • 25 Jan (Mon) - Normal School Day *

  • 26 Jan (Tue) - Normal School Day *

  • 27 Jan (Wed) - Normal School Day *

  • 28 Jan (Thu) - Normal School Day *

  • 29 Jan (Fri) - Normal School Day * (Y5 Reporting Day)

* Dismissal as per time-table

Ora et Labora,

Genesius Chan

On behalf of Foundation Academy

Time-Table for Term 1 2021 <link>

Plan for Classrooms

10 Jan (SJI Update): Safe Management Measures <link>

6 Jan (SJI Update) : Important Updates about returning to school on 11 Jan <link>

31 Dec : Reflections for 2020, Looking ahead together (PSJI)

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