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[Notes to Yr 1 Parents] IP Promotion Criteria and Enrichment Modules

posted 21 Jan 2018, 04:28 by NG Yew Hong ‎(SJI)‎
Dear parents, attached, please find:
  1. The Promotion Criteria for IP students
  2. Letter on the enrichment modules available in SJI (please note the upcoming IP Briefing on 25 Jan for IP students)
  3. My briefing slides with all students last week during Orientation (do ask your son to explain the slides to you)
Note that other than the formal enrichment programmes outlined in the letter above, there is a Maker's Programme targeted at Innovation DSA students that will also be available to all Yr 1 IP students (subject to availability of places) which will be held on alternate Wednesdays from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm. Details of this programme and registration for it will be shared at a later date.

To avoid information overload for you, I will be updating you on the Curriculum Outlines and Assessment Outlines for IP students next week. An archive of all my notes will be available at the Year 1 website (do check it if you have updated your email addresses after 10 Jan).

Do note that to encourage our students to be independent, my subsequent notes will be directed at students but I will always keep parents in the cc list for important notes. Sometimes, our tones when addressing students may sound serious but we have layers of safety nets to allow students to make mistakes in a safe environment, and when a student tear through too many of these, I will meet up with parents for remediation actions required by the student. Grooming our students into self-directed and independent persons is a number one priority for the Foundation Programme and we hope to get your support in working together towards this target. Sometimes, this can be as simple as changing from saying "Don't forget to sign up for ADM" to "Which subjects are you interested in for ADM?". 

I look forward to working closely with you over the next 2 years. Thanks.